This beautiful vegetable ivory necklace made with tagua nuts is great for any occasion.  Sami necklace is very lightweight and easy to wear.  This lightweight statement necklace will enhance any outfit.  The colors are balanced by a color contrast with the two vibrant accents.


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable
  • Cord leather straps
  • Materials:  Tagua
  • Length:  20 to 35 inches. The length is adjustable.
  • Bead Size:  1.50” L x 1” W or 1.75” L * 1.25” W
  • Handmade jewelry

Each piece is handmade. Because Tagua is a natural material, the size, shape, and natural markings on the edges may differ slightly. The patterns may also differ since we choose the layout that best fits the shape of the tagua.

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Vegetable ivory is as beautiful and luxurious as elephant ivory. Do you know where vegetable ivory comes from?  Vegetable ivory, also known as tagua, is a seed that comes from palm trees in the Amazon, called elephant plant.  Vegetable ivory is an eco-friendly and sustainable substitute for elephant ivory. With the near extinction of elephants, vegetable ivory has become a desirable substitute that doesn’t endanger elephants.

Vegetable ivory’s texture and appearance are similar to elephant ivory, and it has been used in making art, jewelry, and all sorts of beautiful objects. Our tagua is harvested, dried, hand-carved, and naturally hand-dyed by Peruvian artisans. By shopping here you are not only supporting the environment, but you’re also supporting local artisans maintain a creative tradition inspired by previous generations.


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