Sustainable Products

Welcome to Nita Versatile's
Eco-friendly world

Our Mission is simple

  • To Instill Beauty in Women

    Instill beauty in the lives of world-changing women through beautiful handmade products.​

  • Empower Local Artisans

    Financially empower local artisans in Peru by removing the middle-man.

  • Cultivate Value

    Cultivate the value of local artisans and artisanal products.

About Nita

Nita’s love for travel, friendships and empowering women gave rise to the idea of NITA Versatile. While traveling in Peru, Nita fell in love with extraordinary handmade products from artisans across the nation. In efforts to cultivate a vibrant world and to be a bridge among communities,

Nita started to work alongside talented artisans and collaborators. We work directly with a Peruvian artisans to create economic opportunities. All our products are hand-selected from artisans in different cities in Peru.

Join the Race to Make the World a Better Place.

Nita Versatile’s Products are Sustainable,Eco Friendly and most important made with lots of love ,Truly Handmade right from Peru!